Monday, February 8, 2010

The American School in London

Below is a summary of what we, The American School in London, have been doing to raise money. It was written by a grade 6 student. This is a picture of the bulletin board where the students wrote down what they did to conserve water.

"Grade six has been saving water for the past two months to raise money for a school in India. We have saved water in many ways including: shortening showers, saving our toilet flushes and turning off the water when brushing our teeth. We recorded all our water savings on charts. We have been doing this to raise money for the Jasola village school, a girl’s school, who don’t have clean water or bathrooms. For every liter we saved we would donate a little money (about a pound) and put it in a water jug. Our plan is to put pipes into the school, which will carry clean water and plumbing so the school can be a better place. In flex class we are studying different problems with water such as water borne disease and water shortages. In our groups we will create public service announcements on our water issues to present at an assembly."
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