Friday, February 17, 2012

Walk for Water on EARTH DAY and celebrate Global Youth Service Day

For all of those schools out there that are looking for a great event for your H2O for Life current school project- or if you are a new school and would like to participate- we have just the event for you!

Walk for Water

What activity could be more connected to the issues of the global water crisis?

Every day, women and children walk miles, multiple times daily to collect water- often contaminated water- for their families.  Girls miss countless hours of school due to the hours spent walking.  Girls also tend to stop attending school upon reaching puberty if there is not an adequate latrine available at school.  Help H2O for Life change that statistic, while "providing service" on Global Youth Service Day.  Take the opportunity to feel what it is like to walk 3 miles carrying water!  Join the over 1 million youth engaged in service on Earth Day week-end. (April 20-22)

H2O for Life has materials available that can help you organize your walk.  We have a walk guide, walk posters, pledge sheets and more so that you don't have to recreate these resources.  We are also available to talk with you if you need further information! Now is the time to begin raising awareness in your school and community about the water crisis and service on GYSD. (register your project with and be counted!)

Take a look at our short PP about walking for water:

Use the PP to engage others in your project.

Please let us know if we can help you organize a walk for water.  email us:   or give us a call: 756-7577  We are happy to help you get started!