Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walk for Water for World Water Day and Global Youth Service Day

Are you looking for a great activity to do with your students? 
Please join
 H2O for Life and  "Walk for Water"
If possible, schedule your walk between
 March 22- World Water Day, and April 22- Earth Day and Global Youth Service Day.

A Walk for Water is easy to organize and an effective way to raise local community awareness about the global water crisis while raising funds to support a school in a developing country that deperately needs water.

How Can You Get Involved?
  • Engage Participants!  Enlist participation from your classroom, school, group of friends, church, family- get the theme?  Any group can organize and participate in a walk for water.  The more people that you can gather to join you, the better it will be, but remember: a small group of people can make a difference. 
  • Set the challenge.  Can each individual gather a certain amount of donations?  $20, $50, maybe $100!  Remind them that through H2O for Life, their dollars are matched by the implementing NGO organization, doubling the amount raised.
  • Choose a school from our partner list::  OR you may donate proceeds to a "school in need". 
  • Plan your walk with the help of our walk guide that is available online.  You'll find flyers for the event, pledge sheets and a guide that will provide tips for creating an amazing event. 
  •  walk guide:
  • Pick a date and have a great time while raising funds that will change lives for students in your partner school!
  • Take photos and write a short story about your event that we will share with our facebook and website  followers.   We love to publicize success!
  • Would you like to order t-shirts?  We can help you with that.  Please contact us at:   We work with a company that will provide affordable t-shirts for your walk.

READ the story about a school that participated in a walk last school year!

Can't walk between March 22- April 22?  Not to worry!  Schedule your walk before the end of the school year, and help a school receive water!  Every dollar makes a difference.  Be part of the solution!
Make it part of your school year to organize a walk for water every year!
The solution is within our reach, and we CAN make it happen!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year! Start out the year with a MLK day outreach with your school

Happy New Year to all our H2O for Life friends.  We hope you had a restful holiday and are ready to ramp up your school projects.  Martin Luther King Day will be celebrated on January 16th.  For many school districts, it is no longer a day off, but a DAY ON focusing on service.  We have several ideas that you can use to raise awareness in your school and in your community about the water crisis. Also, please visit our friends at to learn more about a Semester of Service beginning on MLK day.

Create a WATER DROPLET WALL.  I know that we mention the wall idea often, but it is so easy and so effective!  Students cut water droplets out of blue paper and go into action, selling each drop for $1.00.  (you ,of course, can charge more if you wish)  Encourage students to write a message on the drop,or have a message already printed that just requires a signature, such as- everyone needs water!  The wall is an impressive visual for students, teachers and parents to see as they enter your school.

We also encourage an initiative called:  Tap into Tap Water.

The flyer will tell you everything you need to know to raise funds through drinking tap water.

It's never too early to begin publicizing your H2O for Life connection.  Even if you are not planning to organize an event until spring, these ideas can raise awareness and jump start your project.

If you have other great ideas that have worked for your school please share them with us.  We are always looking for ideas that other teachers can use.

Again, Happy New Year, and let's all make it a great one!