Friday, August 26, 2011

Youth engagement will change our world!

H2O for Life and our good friends at Youth Service America encourage all teachers and youth to find an issue that will feed your passion this school year.  We at H2O for Life, feel very strongly that without access to a reliable water source, sanitation and hygiene education, nothing will change permanently for communities around he world. The current drought and horrific famine in Somalia and Kenya are examples of our "disaster relief" approach.  If we could be more proactive and spend funds on sustainable projects, our dollars would be better spent.  What if Somalia had adequate water resources?  Perhaps they would be able to grow sufficient food.  We know that by providing water, sanitation and hygiene education at schools, we are changing opportunities and changing lives for students and their entire communities.  Won't you help us this year?  Choose a school project.  Your actions will make a difference.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Visit to Mozambique

Tom McDow, a great friend and supporter of H2O for Life recently visited 3 projects in Mozambique that received funding from H2O for Life schools. While visiting Zobue School, he re-connected with Janet, a young Peace Corps volunteer from Los Angeles, who is spending two years teaching at the school. Tom met her on a previous trip and asked her how the completion of the new well has affected the students and community. She responded by saying:

“It has transformed the community! Instead of walking 15 to 30 minutes to fetch water, or hand digging shallow holes in the dry river bed, the women now come to the school well and carry home fresh, clean water. Students who used to spend hours fetching water for their families now are able to attend school full days because the water well is so close. The well has improved both the health and the productivity of the village. And it is used all day long every day!”

We hear comments like this everyday from schools that have received water, sanitation and hygiene education projects.  Your donations to H2O for Life, however large or small, are changing the world.  Please continue to "think" about the water crisis, and take action to do what you can to be part of the change!