Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The following item is reposted with permission from the blog of Global Water Challenge

Tomorrow’s Smiles

Somewhere in the world, a broken water pump sits idle in a field. A few years ago, a well-intentioned group installed the system and captured terrific pictures of smiling children as the mayor cut the ribbon on the new pump. Clean, fresh water started flowing and the community sprang to life. Until the pump broke. Now, those children don’t smile as they miss school and trek long distances to fetch water from a dirty river. They don’t smile as their family and friends get sick from waterborne disease and they don’t smile when their community falters without safe water. The money that funded that pump has disappeared down drain and the good days of flowing water feel like a pipe dream.

Today, a group of leading organizations has united to make sure that the water never stops flowing. Over 20 organizations that work in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) have endorsed the WASH Sustainability Charter. This Charter is a collaboratively-developed mission and set of guiding principles that advance lasting solutions in WASH. Recognizing that a broken pump affects everyone, endorsers include donors, implementers, academics and WASH implementation coalitions. All have agreed to strive toward the key sustainability principles outlined in the Charter and will work together to encourage and empower all stakeholders to achieve these principles.

By aligning the WASH community around common principles and adopting these ideals in our work, we can do our part to keep clean water flowing and toilets working. By providing a consistent framework for ongoing learning, we can develop best practices that ensure solutions last for generations, not years.

Click here to read the Charter and join the movement.

(via Global Water Challenge)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another GREAT year for H2O for Life schools!

H2O for Life would like to thank every school, group and individual donor that helped us raise close to $400,000 this year to bring water, sanitation and hygiene education to schools in need around the world.  In the past four years, our schools have donated over 1 million dollars for the implementation of WASH projects in schools. (water, sanitation and hygiene education)  That is incredible.  Most of the funds are raised by youth through creation of multiple, inexpensive fund raising ideas. Students across the US, Canada and other schools from around the world that have joined us, have studied the issues of the global water crisis, and have said "enough is enough!"  We can do something to change this.  You, too, can get involved and help change and save lives!  It's easy- and doesn't take the involvement of hundreds of people.  Take a look at a recently posted video by Boston College on our facebook page.  A small group of college students (10-12) funded a water project for Longa School in Tanzania.

Over these past four years, the staff and volunteers at H2O for Life have been amazed at the multitude of ideas that have been used by youth to engage their friends, schools and entire communities to take action. We want to share the ideas with you to help your project succeed. Our website,  facebook page and our weekly newsletter will continue to add new ideas, new resources and support for you and your school to make a difference.

Our list of schools is being compiled now, with new additions being added daily.  Please visit our available school partner list, choose a school today, and get ready to "Dig Deep" to be the change over the next school year.  We have several exciting opportunities to share with you as the school year approaches- stay tuned!

Our newly revised educational tool-kit will also be available and in your hands by Sept. 1.  The tool-kit again be available online as well. 

H2O for Life schools have accomplished a lot in four years, but there is more to be done.
Join us today.  Register your project online at or call us! (651-756-7577)