Friday, October 30, 2009

Action equals Results!!

Centennial Middle School, located in Lino Lakes, MN. recently received photos of a completed WASH project in Bangladesh. Centennial Middle School has partnered with H2O for Life for the past two years, and is continuing the partnership this year. Teachers, Mark Domschot, and Chris Ripken from Centennial High School visited Uganda and Kenya to visit completed H2O for Life projects in August. The middle school has raised over $25,000 in the past two years to complete projects in Kenya, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Bangladesh. This year, they are working to fund a WASH project in Ntungamo, Uganda, a community area that Mr. Domschot visited.

Several days ago, H2O for Life received completed photos from Centennial's partner school in Bangladesh. The school quickly developed a power point presentation to share the good news with their school. Please take a moment and view a few of the photos. Congratulations, Centennial Middle School! Your school has changed the lives of many students around the world. We hope it has also changed how YOU view the world!


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