Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hello from South Africa,
After a long flight-21 hours in the air- we arrived to the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, South Africa. The World Cup Soccer Matches will begin on June 11. Our purpose for this visit is to connect with the RAIN Foundation and the Department of Education of South Africa, to be part of a plan to bring WASH in Schools to 100 schools in SA in honor of the World Cup Event. H2O for Life is thrilled to have the opportunity to connect students in the US with students in South Africa as part of our role in these projects. (Each school project will require $2000 per school in H2O for Life School partnerships- total cost of each project will be around $40,000 per school- we have highly leveraged funds!) The RAIN foundation and the Government of South Africa value the student to student connection, and we do too)

We are currently spending time near the Limpopo District. We hope to visit several schools, and take in some of the local sights.

We hope to have more information as the week progresses, and we also hope to be able to share interesting facts about South Africa and the World Cup.

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