Thursday, November 11, 2010

Skype with Alexandra the "Explorer"

Alexandra Cousteau has been covering the country in search of great stories about WATER.  As a National Geographic sponsored tour, Blue Legacy has spent the last 5 months, visiting interesting water sources, environmental areas of concern and has interviewed, filmed and searched for great water stories.  One of their stories was "H2O for Life".  As a follow-up activity, Ms. Cousteau is conducting several SKYPE calls with H2O for Life Schools around the country.  Sedgwick Middle School will be on the call on November 15th.  We hope to receive photos and an update from Sedgwick after the call to share with all of you.
Remember, every penny raised by H2O for Life Schools helps bring water, sanitation and hygiene education to students in need around the world.  A drop in the bucket creates a ripple AND a wave!  If you haven't chosen a partner school for this year, visit our partner school list and choose today.  We need your help to change lives around the world by providing a "basic human right"- WATER.

Read the note below from  a teacher at Sedgwick.
Hi everyone,

Due to the overwhelming success of Student CAST’s water fundraiser, and the students’ innovative approach to raising awareness, H2O For Life Schools (, has recommended our students to participate in a very special event. On Monday, November 15, Student CAST members from Sedgwick and Conard will take part in an online discussion with Alexandra Cousteau, Founder and President of Blue Legacy International (, and grand-daughter of legendary diver Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The online meeting between Ms. Cousteau and the students will focus on water scarcity, environmental challenges, research into solutions, and how to be an effective advocate for environmental causes.

The students’10-day campaign brought in nearly $2,400 and, combined with money from Sedgwick’s own fundraiser, helped to build rainwater collection tanks, latrines, and fund hygiene lessons for the children at the Cheleget Primary School. Attached is a picture of the 60’ poster the kids constructed in the cafeteria and of the rainwater collection tank that has been built with the money they helped raise.

The online interview, via SKYPE, will take place on Monday, November 15 from 3:30-4:30 in Room 216.

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