Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whittier and Heber Hunt are popping with ideas!

We recently received an email from Whittier and Heber Hunt Schools.  They are partnered with Wangige School in Kenya.  They sent letters to the school, and are working hard to raise funds for the project.  Thanks to all the teachers and classes that stepped up to help with H2O for Life!

The schools are organizing many events.  They are currently engaged in a penny drive.  Think about it!  We all have piles of penny's floating around in our purses, cars, drawers- put them to use for a great project!  Recently, many schools celebrated 100 days of school.  What if you challenged your students to each bring in and count 100 pennies?  It all adds up. (What about the 200th day of school?- put it on your calendar.)

The school has planned a 5k run with H2O for Life being the recipient of the funds raised.  Add a few buckets of water, and you have a great lesson for kids to see what other kids around the world do daily- not for fun, but because they have to!  April 16th is the National "H2O for Life Walk for Water Day" in conjunction with Youth Service America.  Contact us to join- make the ripple a wave!

The students are also popping corn and selling lemonade during recess for several days in May.  Students handle the sales and learn how to sell and handle money.

During their choir concern that is being held tonight, the students are using photos from the Tool-Kit power point and photos of their partners in Wangigi to promote their H2O for Life project.  Photos teamed with a powerful song won't leave a dry eye in the house!

Whittier School has an enrollment of 40 students!  What is it that Margaret Mead said? "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citzens can change the world: indeed it's the only thing that ever has."

Thanks Heber Hunt and Whittier Schools.  You are teaching your students that it is possible to change the world!

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