Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Magnificent work at Magnificat High School- Water Wednesdays!

Take two young ladies, teach them about the water crisis, and look out!  Grace and Maddie visited our H2O for Life booth in Kansas City last year, and became passionate about the need for water around the world.  The girls studied the issues, and approached their advisor, Ms. Higgins, with the plan to raise funds for Okio Primary School in Uganda.

After "much collaboration and many meetings, the idea of our Water Wednesday was born," said Grace.
Students would take a pledge to only drink water on Wednesdays, and donate their extra money to the project.

After seven Wednesdays, lots of publicity, and an overwhelmingly generous school community, the girls and the school reached their goal of $1350.

They said, "Magnificat has learned, not only how lucky we are to have water at our fingertips, but how it is part of our responsibility as human beings...to care for the less fortunate.

Thank you to the entire Magnificat High School student body, community and teachers  from Rocky River, Ohio, and a special thanks to Grace, Maddie and Ms. Higgins.  You saw a need and went into action!
Congratulations!  Your school has helped change the lives of students at Okio Primary School in Uganda.

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