Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walk for Water- around the country

On April 16th, many H2O for Life schools celebrated Global Youth Service Day by hosting "Walks for Water" at their schools, local parks, and in Minnesota, at Target Field, home of the TWINS Baseball team.
Schools raised awareness of water issues worldwide, and raised funds for global school partners through donations.  Many of our partners supplied water containers so that participants could experience the hardship of carrying water for distances. All walks had their own individual flavor and fun.  Some were blessed with great weather, and some, not so much!  The walk in Minnesota competed with 2 inches of snow and 40 degree weather. All agreed that carrying water was difficult, and that rain, snow, hot sun and other variables made it even more challenging.

Thanks for all the schools and organizations that hosted walks for water, and for those that are still planning walks before the end of the school year.  Your efforts will change lives.

H2O for Life recently received a call from a teacher in Colorado. To paraphrase, she said, I met one of your presenters at the National Social Studies Convention.  He made a statement that resonated with me and also with my students. He said "Ask your students this question.  Do you want to be the student in the class that just filled a seat, or do you want to be the student that changed the world."  Her students have stepped up, and are working to make a difference!  Challenge your students, your youth group, your church and yourself to be the person that changes the world.  You know you can!

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