Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Soap supports H2O for Life!

Colorado State University graduates Juwon Melvin and Aaron Madonna, both 25, grew up in Denver's Montbello neighborhood. They met at a precollegiate summer program called Black Issues Forum. Personal hardships, including Melvin's father abandoning his family when Melvin was 8, and Madonna watching friends get caught up in gangs and drugs, inspired their volunteerism.

Their plan to help crystallized while Melvin traveled in Morocco, where he witnessed children who couldn't go to school because they had to walk for miles each day to find clean water.

"Education was the way out for us, and it can be the way out for the children we want to serve," Madonna said. "But when you are in survival mode and don't have basic needs met, you can't focus on school or take advantage of the opportunities it can give you."

Juwon called H2O for Life during the summer, and expressed their desire to support water projects in developing countries through a connection with H2O for Life in Nicaragua.  They have chosen two schools in Nicaragua to benefit from their business plan.  Thus far, the young men have raised $2000 and are on their way to their goal to raise $5000 for the schools.  To read more, click on the link below.

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