Monday, October 31, 2011

H2O for Life collaborates with the World Savvy Challenge

Are you looking for more ways to involve your students in terrific programs?  Well, look no farther.  H2O for Life is collaborating with the World Savvy Challenge.  If your students are already participating in an H2O for Life project, getting involved with World Savvy will be easy.  It provides an opportunity for your students to prepare a presentation and show the rest of the country what they have learned.  Read more about how to get involved with World Savvy below:

National Online Pilot Program

H2O For Life Schools are invited to participate in the World Savvy Challenge, a project-based learning program that builds students knowledge & skills for global competence.

How it works:

Students work in teams of up to 10 in class or afterschool

Students chose a topic and problem related to the theme of Sustainable Communities and engage in in-depth research on their theme using World Savvy resources as a guide

Students participate in the Savvy Scavenger Hunt to build their knowledge of the theme and awareness of current events

Students develop local, national and global level solutions and develop a knowledge-to-action plan for how they can take action on the issue

Students present their research & solutions in either a website or documentary and submit it online along with their knowledge to action plan to compete for prizes against students from around the country

Competing students also participate in an online action roundtable, where they work with peers from other schools to discuss a related real world problem

Students who score in the top 10% of online entries are eligible to submit their knowledge-to-action plan to the national online finals where they have a chance to win up to $500 to implement their plan over the summer

World Savvy provides teachers with the necessary resources to embed these topics into their existing curriculum, including a program guide book, a World Savvy Monitor on Sustainable Communities, a Sustainable Communities Collaborator’s Guide, bi-weekly resource emails, professional development opportunities, grading rubrics, and student research support.

This is a great chance for H2O for Life students to deepen their knowledge of the connections between water & sustainability and share their research & solutions with a national audience!

Team Registration Deadline: December 15, 2011

Competition entries due March 15, 2012

Register online at

Cost: $100 per team of 10 students; $50 for additional teams. Includes all digital materials.

For more information, please contact Taylor Watson at or 415-813-1682.

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