Sunday, January 29, 2012

Walk for Water for World Water Day and Global Youth Service Day

Are you looking for a great activity to do with your students? 
Please join
 H2O for Life and  "Walk for Water"
If possible, schedule your walk between
 March 22- World Water Day, and April 22- Earth Day and Global Youth Service Day.

A Walk for Water is easy to organize and an effective way to raise local community awareness about the global water crisis while raising funds to support a school in a developing country that deperately needs water.

How Can You Get Involved?
  • Engage Participants!  Enlist participation from your classroom, school, group of friends, church, family- get the theme?  Any group can organize and participate in a walk for water.  The more people that you can gather to join you, the better it will be, but remember: a small group of people can make a difference. 
  • Set the challenge.  Can each individual gather a certain amount of donations?  $20, $50, maybe $100!  Remind them that through H2O for Life, their dollars are matched by the implementing NGO organization, doubling the amount raised.
  • Choose a school from our partner list::  OR you may donate proceeds to a "school in need". 
  • Plan your walk with the help of our walk guide that is available online.  You'll find flyers for the event, pledge sheets and a guide that will provide tips for creating an amazing event. 
  •  walk guide:
  • Pick a date and have a great time while raising funds that will change lives for students in your partner school!
  • Take photos and write a short story about your event that we will share with our facebook and website  followers.   We love to publicize success!
  • Would you like to order t-shirts?  We can help you with that.  Please contact us at:   We work with a company that will provide affordable t-shirts for your walk.

READ the story about a school that participated in a walk last school year!

Can't walk between March 22- April 22?  Not to worry!  Schedule your walk before the end of the school year, and help a school receive water!  Every dollar makes a difference.  Be part of the solution!
Make it part of your school year to organize a walk for water every year!
The solution is within our reach, and we CAN make it happen!

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