Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meetings at the Heron

The Heron Hotel has proven to be a central meeting place for our water discussions. Today a Member of Parliament (equivalent to a US Senator) from the Nyarbari Chache constituency paid us a visit. He and several of his staff told us about the need for sanitation and water storage in their area. It is truly a small world. Nine years ago, my daughter, my mother and I worked on a volunteer project in his area. In fact, he lives within 3 kilometers of where we were working at that time.
We hope there may be several school projects that blossom out of our meeting today.

Directly following that meeting, we met with the Water for All Organization based in Nairobi. They shared information about several projects that they have completed that look very promising. They focus on rainwater catchment with a unique sanitation system that on paper looks great. We need to do more investigating.

After meetings through-out the day, we are looking forward to tearing apart our suitcases and re-organizing all of the things we have gathered on this month long journey. Tomorrow will be our last full day in Kenya and once again we have a full schedule of meetings. Although it will be somewhat sad to end our journey, we are also looking forward to returning to Minnesota to family and friends.

The motto of today is: Kunywa maji safi. Drink clean water!!

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