Monday, September 7, 2009

Visit to Maasai Land

On Saturday night, after watching many animals cross in front of our lodge, we were treated to a private walk by one of the night gurads at Amboseli Serena. We walked quietly to a secluded area adjacent to the lodge to find a group of elephants feeding on the trees and leaves. There was a full moon, and we watched them for quite a while.(We were 15 feet away) They are amazing animals and HUGE! Around 5:45 a.m., I peeked out the patio door, and again, the elephants were there. They stayed very close to us for a nice visit.

On our travels out of the park, we saw a family of lions with several small cubs. They are shy, but we were able to snap a few photos. THEN the dusty ride to Rombo began.

Much of the road has been improved since my last visit, but there was a stretch of road where the dust and bumps were unbelievable. We covered ourselves with our kangas (cloth) but still were very dusty by the time we reached Rombo. Our first visit was to the health center in Rombo. I worked many years ago with Global Citizens Network on the building. The clinic is wonderful, providing services to many people in the area. The facility has flourished due to collaboration between Rotary of Ireland, AMREF, GCN and the local community.

We walked along the river- which is now a very small trickle in many areas, and visited people along the way. The drought in Kenya is severe, and food and water are scarce. People are suffering, and doing their best to survive. Thanks to the help of NGO's, there is access to piped water and kiosks that are available to people in the Rombo area. Many walk long distances to access these water points. There is more work to be done!

We are leaving momentarily for a visit to a maasai manyatta for tea, and then will visit the market in Rombo. We will spend the evening visiting with a woman from Ireland that is doing great work in this area. Perhaps we will find a way to collaborate with schools in the area.

Enjoy your Labor Day holiday! The kids in Kenya are back to school today after a month long break. Tomorrow, for those who have not already started--it is back to school for US students!

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