Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bathroom Pass

Access to sanitation is a huge problem around the world.  Over 2 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation and handwashing facilities.  The millenium development goals are targeting sanitation, but sadly, we are far behind in reaching the set goal to provide sanitation to areas of need around the world by 2015.

H2O for Life and many other organizations are working hard to raise awareness of the need for clean water, sanitation and hygiene education- and our focus is SCHOOLS!  We truly believe that if we can help provide these necessary facilities, and the education to teach students essential hygiene skills, communities will change for the better.  Studies show that children bring lessons home to their families.  Students are great teachers and can change their families and communities over time. Changing lives at ONE school does make a difference and you can help.

Last week, WASH in Schools was the focus of many meetings in Washington DC.  Global Handwashing Day was celebrated on Friday.  At the Academy for Educationl Development in DC, there was a wonderful photo display called the "Bathroom Pass". The photo and video display documented facilities available in 4 typical schools around the world. One school highlighted was Abington High School located in Abington, PA.

H2O for Life student "Nathan" was asked to photograph and provide a video about facilities located in their school.  Nathan was surprised and thrilled to see a "bigger than life" photo of himself in his H2O for Life shirt.  Nathan has been a member of Abington's H2O for Life club for the past several years.  He and others at Abington have raised funds to bring water, sanitation and hygiene education to schools in Mali, India, Nicaragua, and are currently focusing on a school in South Africa.  Thanks Abington!

The display in DC will be open to the public through November 19th. If you have the opportunity to visit the Academy of Educational Development, please visit the display. It is wonderful and informative. H2O for Life then hopes to be able to post the photos and videos from the display online for all to see.

We are posting photos of students from HB Woodlawn School from Arlington Virginia, and Abington High School as they visited the "Bathroom Pass" on Global Handwashing Day.  Students learned several engaging educational lessons provided by "Project Wet" and H2O for Life that they will bring back to their schools and communities.

We welcome photos and stories from you!  Let us know what your school is doing to help support the global water crisis.  We'll post photos and comments.  Also be sure to visit our facebook page and become a fan.

As always, everything you do affects the world.  Do something GREAT!

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