Monday, August 17, 2009

August 18, 8:00 am
After an inspirational meeting with Africare (NGO) our H2O for Life group, along with Richard (our driver) began our long ride to Ntungamo.
The bumpy and dusty ride was a harrowing experience. Cars, busses, and trucks barreled along with no regard to lanes (what lanes??) and most preferred the middle of the road. We closed our eyes and flinched often as vehicles passed with only inches to spare.
We were surprised with the significant amount of of people, vehicles, and towns we passed. It was like the sprawling freeway from the Twin Cities to St. Cloud with the non-stop towns, villages, and markets.
We stopped for a photo op and gift shop at the equator. We stopped in Masaka for lunch but were turned away because they were out of food. Thankfully, 45 minutes later we ate a great lunch at the Sky Blue Hotel near Mbarrara.
As dusk was descending we made it to Mbarrara. The streets were jammed with people heading home, and we passed the statue of a long horned cow that symbolizes cattle as the center of life. An hour later we arrived in Ntungamo after 7 hours on the road!
We are staying at the Ben Hills Guesthouse; a small, clean, and friendly hotel that will be home for three days. The price is right -- 13 dollars per person for your own room and breakfast!
Today, we will begin our long awaited school visits!

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  1. Hi Patty1
    OH, I can just see you flinching as the cars zoomed by way too close.
    The picture of the lady with the bananas on her head, I'm sure she at one time had a very long neck. God Bless her. Could you find out what they use between their head and the basket of bananas? Is it a disk or just a piece of cloth twisted and formed in a circle atop her head? Every time I see a picture like that, I wonder what that is.
    Have a great time and thanks for keeping us informed on your progress.
    Love, Heidi