Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We had another great day visiting schools in the southwestern part of Uganda.

The first school was the Mahwa Primary School that was sponsered by Valentines Hill Elementary and Bethlehem Day Care - both of Minneapolis. Peter Jensen and Peggy Benson were the leaders of the projects at their respective schools.

We then traveled to Rubingo Primary School that was partnered with River Road Middle School in Killdevil

North Carolina. The picture is of their celebatory and traditional dance that they performed for the H20 for Life team and Africare. We had fun joining these wonderful dances and getting laughs from all of the students, parents, local government officials, and teachers that were in attendance.

Afterwards, they prepared a great meal for us (goat meat, empogoro - cooked bananna, and jack fruit - very sweet) and then we explored some caves in the mountainous Ugandan highlands.

Great Day by all!!

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  1. Hi Patty!
    How wonderful it is to hear all that is going on with your project. We take our faucets with fresh running water as a normal thing. Take it away from us and see how hard it would be.
    I can imagine you dancing with the students, you'll have to teach us when you get home.
    Have fun, be safe.