Friday, August 21, 2009

Farewell Uganda!

Hey all -- this is Mark reporting from the Entebbe Airport at 4:00 AM - midnight for all of you back home!

This has been a fascinating week for me. The schools, projects, and children have been truly inspriring. Everyone's hard work has certainly paid off -- bravo to all of you who have supported h20 for life!! You can see from the few pics that we have, that we have been treated like royalty here in Uganda - celebrations, dancing, singing, and a huge feast. At times it was embarrassing, but once I got used to it, the festivities were awesome!

Uganda has an unbelievable topography -- mountains, hills, lakes, rivers -- it is so green! Throw in some hippos, elephants, monkeys, and birds - and every minute on the 20 hours we have been in the car has been a joy - except on my lower back!! We spent a day at Queen Elizabeth National Park where we took a boat trip on the Kazinga Channel and a hike around a crater lake.

The only thing better than the scenery is the people. I have made some lifelong friendships with the people from Africare -- some shout outs go to Polly, Patrick, our driver Richard, Vicki, Hyghten, and all of the others -- I hope all we can stay in touch - they are truly wonderful and talented people!

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  1. So awesome the updates are working great!!! My brother was so glad to meet you guys! Have fun, learn a bunch & keep the updates coming!