Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ruvuma- Secondary Schools in Small Villages

For the past 3 days, we have been on the road- and I do mean road- to visit several schools in the Ruvuma area of Tanzania.  We headed towards the borders of  Mozambique and Malawi.  If a downpour had not suddenly happened, we could have climbed to the top of the mountain located near Lukima school, and had a view of the two countries.

We drove from Madesi School to a Catholic convent that rents rooms to get into position for a school visit.  12 hours on the road!  We were on dirt roads that were dusty and bumpy for about 4 of the hours.  UGH- the travel is tough.  It is always worth it to meet the kids and see the schools, but we are wearing out.

The convent was pristine, and comfortable with HOT water!  It was a  treat!  They also have a bakery on the grounds and we were able to have hot cookies out of the oven- and we bought cookies to take with us as well.

We were poised to leave the convent at 8-but after a stop to find a bolt for the car, photocopying of some documents and a stop at the Department of Ed office for another document, we got on the road about 9:30.  Mind you, we were in the car at 8-just not moving to our destination!

After an hour and a half drive, we arrived a Longa School.  The students were lined up to greet us, singing a welcome song.  There were around 400 students who stayed late to greet us.  We met in a large assembly hall that was packed.  After several speeches, I had the opportunity to talk a little about H2O for Life, and also taught the students part of our H2O for Life song.  If  you haven't heard it or looked at the music and words, it is available under our educational resources.  We'd love to have YOUR school sing it, record it, and send it to us.

We walked over 2Km uphill to see how the students at the school constructed a water project with the help of H2O for Life.  They designed a gravity flow water system from a mountain stream that provides a wonderful source of water to the school, and the teachers housing.  A reliable source of water leads to better gardens for the school, easier additions to the school as the water is essential in building, and of course water for the students!  We had fun on our walk.  I video-taped students leading us and singing all the way.  I learned a lot about the water source.

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