Monday, February 7, 2011

Water, Water-hopefully everywhere!

Today we drove to the border at Namanga to enter Tanzania from Kenya.  Our good friend Christopher told us it was a "good road", but I guess it is all a matter of perspective.  We've decided that traveling in a vehicle trumps walking mile after mile even if the road is bumpy, dusty and by our standards long!  We laugh because no matter where we are going we hear the same comments from our drivers and friends.  How far is it to Namanga?  "Not so far". are the roads?  "Not so bad".

As we look back on our 16 days in Kenya, we realize that we met many wonderful people, visited schools and met teachers and parents that are working hard to give students the skills needed to change their communities, and witnessed an attitude of hope and conviction that life in Africa WILL improve! 

 Through-out the miles that we have traveled, we must once again mention that we continually pass people carrying either empty containers on their way to find water, or full containers on the long journey home.  We have discovered that Tanzania is also experiencing dry conditions, and our H2O for Life shirts always solicit comments.  We receive words of thanks from people passing by, and questions about what H2O for Life is doing.  When we tell them that SCHOOLS and kids are raising the majority of funds to bring water to our partner schools around the world, they are amazed and impressed.  They also realize that our children and youth will be the leaders of the world and will "be the change".

Tomorrow, we visit St. Margaret's School in Arusha.  We'll deliver penpal letters from Diamond Path Elementary School, Eagen, MN and spend time meeting the teachers and students.  We'll take photos and check on the progress of the school water project.  It'll be a great day!

We have a great day coming up for you too! Join us on April 16th for an annual "Walk for Water" to raise awareness and funds for schools around the world.  You will find information on our website to  help you plan a "Walk for Water" event.  If you live in or around Minnesota, the "Walk for Water" will be held at Target Field, the home of the Minnesota Twins.  The Pentair Foundation is our presenting sponsor, and the event will be a day to remember. Come walk around the new field, visit school exhibits, and perhaps have a chance to run the bases!  Register for the event on our website. 

April 16th is also Global Youth Service Day.  Join the thousands of youth that are participating in events that make a difference in the world.

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