Monday, January 24, 2011

A Day in Kenya- and it's all about Toilets and Handwashing!

Today we visited four schools surrounding Nairobi in the Kikyu District. It was amazing to not only see the projects, which we can do through photos, but to hear the teachers and the students express how much they love their new Iko-Toilets at the schools.  Iko-Toilets are an innovative sanitation system that provides flush toilets in areas that previously have only had access to pit latrines.  Hand-washing stations are also included.  The system contains bio-digesters to break down the waste into methane gas, and also seperates out the urea.  Both are saleable items, and will add to the sustainability of the project in the future.  But the best thing about Iko-Toilets is the excitement of the children- over toilets!

Among visited schools was Kamangu School, sponsored in part by Dayton City School in Tennesee,  The students sang songs to us, and told us they hope to hear from their friends in TN.  Send us those letters! We have letters to deliver to you upon our return.

Did you know?  Kamangu  School hosted a Guiness Book World Record setting event on Global Hand Washing Day!  Over 19,000 students gathtered at Kamangu to wash their hands together and celebrate the day.  Many of the students walked for 3 hours- the entire 500+ students-each way to attend the event.

 Let's show OUR comittement by coming out in force on April 16th to support H2O for Life's WALK for WATER!!  We are only asking you to walk a 5K route while carrying water and gathering donations to assist schools in need around the world  YOU can make a difference, just like the kids at Dayton City School in Tennesee.  Check for details on our website.


  1. Congrats Dayton City School in Tennessee! Take a look at this! Y'all really made a difference.

  2. Back again. I love the school motto--"Endeavor to shine." I think that is what I am going to do today.