Friday, January 28, 2011

Kericho Area-Visit to schools

Jambo! Today we visited 5 more schools to finish out our visit with Tenwek Community Health Center.
We viewed fantastic projects, and met wonderful community members, teachers and students.  We also learned a lot about the local health issues and the water issues within their region.  We had time to talk on the dusty roads between schools.  Truthfully, the trip today was much easier than yesterday!

We saw completed projects and projects in progress. At one school, the workers were digging a 3 ft X 8 foot, 40 foot hole for the pit latrines.  The man digging was down at the bottom.  He would fill a bucket with dirt, and his partner would pull the dirt up to the top.  40 feet is a long way down.  To get out of the hole, his partner would lower a rope, and he climbed out much as a mountain climber would do.  In the US, the safety groups would be cringing!

We visited a secondary school and a young lady gave a moving presentation.  She arrived at the school several years ago when the water and sanitation project was not completed at her school.  She told of sickness and time wasted due to walking for water.  Since the projects completion, she has witnessed amazing results.  She is the Treasurer of her Health Committee in her school, and challenged all the students to be more aware of washing hands, drinking improved water and keeping the school clean.  The students are moved by the fact that it is other students that are providing 1/2 of the funds that make the projects possible.  We challenged them to work hard, become leaders in their country and pass on the gift that has been given to them.  At each school, thanks to the help of our wonderful friends, we were able to give a soccer ball to the school.  The students, typical of kids around the world, were more excited about the ball than the projects at the schools.  AND they should be.  Our students don't worry about the facilities, and we hope kids around the world can be kids and enjoy their days at school with adequate basic needs being met.

We were treated at each stop with sodas, breads, cookies, rice and goat stew- WAY too much!  We have found the people of Kenya to be very generous, and happy to meet visitors. 

Tomorrow we wrap up at Tenwek, and head for a few days at the Masai Mara for "vacation". 
We'll add photos to the blog space, but won't be adding stories until we are back on the road to schools.

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