Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day- Make it a Day ON, Not a Day Off!

Across the nation today, we are celebrating Martin Luther King Day- a Day to remember a man that believed in peaceful change and service.  As this day is celebrated in his honor, we hope you think of how you can keep his dreams alive.  Recent events in our country have pointed out that many people are angry, have lost hope, and are reacting through violence.  After reading many articles about the shootings in Arizona, the one common thread that resonates is that we all need to work very hard to be kind to one another.  Would this have changed the shooters mind?  I don't know- but as a teacher, I realized that sometimes just a "hello" in the hallway, and a smile could change the day for a students.  We all want to feel a sense of worth and belonging. 

H2O for Life is working in collaboration with Youth Service America on a Semester of Service: WATER.  We believe that challenging youth to "SERVE" rather than "being served" is a paradigm shift that is powerful.  Studies have proven that engaging students in meaningful, relevant educational activities results in learning that can be life changing.  We hope you, as a student or teacher or interested individual, will pause and take a moment to think about a topic that drives your passion.  If you don't know what your passion is, we invite you to partner with a school in need of water, sanitation and hygiene education.  We know that once you connect with a partner school, your passion will follow.

On this celebratory day, please commit to engage in an activity that will benefit someone other than yourself!

Need an idea?  We have one for you.

Tap in to Tap Water Challenge

• Make water your only beverage on Martin Luther King Day, January 17th

• Save the money you would have spent on beverages

• Donate the money to H2O for Life through your school, business or group

• or donate online at

Want to do more?  Involve your school, business or friends and family to take the challenge.  You can do this on any day or days and donate to H2O for Life!  It's easy, and will make a difference.

Give the gift of water and sanitation to a school around the world.

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