Thursday, January 27, 2011

WASH Projects in Bomet Kenya

Today we had the opportunity to visit 5 schools previously partnered by H2O for Life in the Bomet area of Kenya.  Mr. Jonathan Bii and his team escorted us on our visits.  They represent Tenwek Community Health Center, and they are doing amazing things in the community.  The water, sanitation and hygiene education programs are only a small part of what they do.  Their goal is to educate the community on pressing health concerns, and empower the local community groups to define goals and take action to reach the goals.

Our first stop was a visit to Kapsoiyo Primary School.  Their project was funded by Wayzata High School, in MN.  A note to the Wayzata students-  Every photo and letter that has been sent to Kapsoiyo is proudly displayed in their classrooms.  They hope you will continue to write more letters.  We were able to view the completed water tank and wonderful latrines.  An additional 14 latrines were built at the school, which has changed lives for the children.  Teachers have assured us that illnesses have decreased, and their enrollment has climbed.  Great results!

We then visited several other schools.  Among them was Moriko School, partnered with Coventry Christian Academy located in Pennsylvania, and Amory School in Mississippi.  You will be receiving  photos and pen pal letters upon our return to the US.

Our last stop was at Kamabwai Primary School, partnered with Lewiston High School.  We had a fabulous lunch consisting of rice, greens and a goat stew!  It really was delicious.  The students, teachers and parents were very welcoming- AND the parents were beginning to dig the holes for the pit latrines and the base of the water tank. The parents provide labor and many of the locally available materials for the project. The community is working hard to do their part to make the project a success.  Again, great photos will be sent to Lewiston shortly- and letters.  So....start writing a return letter.

I "heard" that H2O for Life was featured on Good Morning America this morning.  I can't wait to see the clip and learn more about it.  If you missed it, I'm sure you can find it on the ABC website.  That is my next stop if the computer connection is willing.  Sometimes it works great and at top speed, and the next moment, it is barely moving along.

Don't forget that H2O for Life is sponsoring a "Walk for Water" on April 16th.  For details, visit our home page for links.

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  1. Great job Steve and Patty! Remarkable news. How is the weather? Has the terrible drought that plagued the country for 2-3 years ended?