Saturday, January 1, 2011

Join us for a Semester of Service: WATER- Kick it off on MLK Day!

Tap  in to Tap WATER for Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day is a dedicated day of service! It is  your opportunity to join America and step into service. You can make a difference.  H2O for Life is challenging you, your school, your business or whatever group you can gather (could be your family!) to "TAP in to Tap Water!"  On January 17th, drink only tap water for the day- donating any funds you would have spent on beverages to H2O for Life and our WASH in Schools projects.  Every donation makes an impact for a school in a developing country.  Make it an all school focus, and add funds to your partner school project.

I visit my local coffee shop every morning and spend over $4.00 on a Latte.  Just think, if 100 of my friends gave up their latte for one day- we could raise $400.  It's pretty easy!  What if every person in your school gave a donation?  It's the power of numbers!

Now, other than my daily latte, I also have a juice or another cup of coffee while at work.  I imagine that I spend at least $8-10 on beverages without even blinking!  On January 17th I'll be donating to H2O for Life.  In fact, I think I'll challenge myself to give up my latte's for the week.  I'll donate $28 for water!  What can you do?

Stay tuned for more information on Semester of Service, and how we can help you learn about the Global Water Crisis, while taking action.

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