Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kirangari,Wangige, Nderi Schools-a visit to remember!

Today, H2O for Life and Iko-Toilet staff visited more schools in Nairobi, Kenya. 
The children at the schools are always excited to be visited, and greeted us warmly.  We delivered pen-pal letters, photos, stickers and a beautiful hand-made world flag that was designed by'Mrs. Hays' Valentine Hills second grade class  in Minnesota.  The banner will brighten up the walls and lighted up the smiles of the children.

At Nderi School, Retired Northwest-Delta Pilot, Steve Hall, entertained a standard 8 class with stories about his flying career.  The students had recently read a story about pilots, and they were very interested.  Captain Hall stressed the importance of education and hard work as a road to success. As in all schools around the world, the students are dreaming of what they want to "be" when they grow up. 

The pen-pal letters were a hit with the students, and in return, letters will be delivered back to the US shortly.
We know the letters will be treasured.

The school projects are in varying stages of completion, and the schools are looking forward to using their new toilets and handwashing stations.  Thank you to all the schools for your efforts and the time taken to write letters and send items to your new friends in Kenya. As the "messengers" we had a beautiful day!

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