Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Masai Mara- a sight to behold!

After wrapping up business with our implementing partners in the Bomet-Kericho area of Kenya, we visited one last school on our way out of town.  Thurgood Marshall helped fund the project last year at Goitab Kalyet Primary.  Hey, US kids- all 7th and 8th grade students attend school for half the day on Saturdays!  It was great to greet the students, and one student modeled a shirt sent by Thurgood Marshall.  I hope to post it soon.
The project was completed, and the students have also planted over 500 trees on the school grounds to help conserve the soil, and replace trees that have been cut for firewood.

We then headed to Sarova Mara camp.  It was a long drive on very bad roads.  I think there is a theme here about the roads.  The camp is beautiful, and as always, my H2O for Life shirt caught the attention of the camp management.  The camp sponsors a Masai school nearby, and wanted to investigate future partnerships with H2O for Life.  We'll do further investigating, but the great plus that they provide is the chance for TEACHERS to volunteer at the school, with housing and transportation daily to and from the school provided by the camp.    Airfare is all that teachers pay.   That would be a great opportunity for many of you who wish to visit Kenya.  If interested, please contact us.

We have had several interesting game drives.  Today we witnessed a cheetah kill of a gazelle.  The cheetah was unbelievably fast!  We watched the mother and her kittens settle in for a meal that would last most of the day.  We also saw lions, a rhino, giraffe and a large variety of other animals.

The weather in Kenya is beautiful, but so dry.  The country needs rain! As we follow the weather back home in the US, it seems as if winter will not let the East Coast escape.  We are rather enjoying the sun and the heat!

We'll visit Kathungu area soon- the home of our first project with Highview Middle School.  It will be wonderful to see old friends.
Enjoy the day!


  1. Another wonderful blog! Time to drive some traffic to read your blogs. They are fantastic. Congrats on the "kill." What an amazing bit of nature to witness. How many trips to Kenya and how many safari drives before you finally saw one? Amazing!

  2. Thank you very much H2O For Life for giving us the opportunity to lend a hand to our siblings in Kenya! We are very proud and happy to be a part of this joint project with Thurgood Marshall School. It is the best part to see the smile on our siblings' faces!
    Melih, Uskudar American Academy